The House of My Dreams

Silvie Aigner 2013

The House of My Dreams is a collection of rooms that translates wishes, dreams, and nightmares into a visual, three-dimensional state: stairs with no railing, meandering layouts, and dead-end hallways. It is an extract of a complex that can always be expanded. Using narrative detail and great sensitivity, the artist designs a house that puts memories, thoughts, and dreams as well as painful experiences and nightmarish reflections into a visual form. The words of the title are an integral part of the artwork, and are connected to the extensive possibilities of art. In this way, Judith Saupper is able to summarize the great array of associations and subjective emotions tied to each room: from the Archive of Decisions all the way to the Bath of Innocence. The House of My Dreams makes it possible to dive into private spaces, the protagonists of which have left behind traces, yet remain absent. The partaking of other identities thus shifts at times into an examination of own memories and thoughts.