The House of My Dreams

The House of My Dreams is a collection of rooms that translates wishes, dreams, and nightmares into a visual, three-dimensional state: stairs with no railing, meandering layouts, and dead-end hallways. It is an extract of a complex that can always be expanded. All 18 rooms: Library: Like when a room from a dream on a journey is exactly the room that you come home and move into (Inger Christensen), Swimming Pool: Bath of Innocence, Villa: Adventive Spaces, Archive: Archive of Decisions, Bedroom: For dreams that didn’t come true, Power Station: To keep things the way they are, Corner Room: A room for forgetting, Studio: Truth & Accursedness,Theater Boxes: Where the invisible can appear, Rocking Room: Set in a cradle of air, Waiting Room: room for the right moment, Entrance Area: Difficulty deciding? Temple: Wailing and moaning will never appease the Gods! Courtyard, Surveillance Room: For your own security, Gymnasium: Body of society, L‘hôtel du refuge, Power Unit Shed

Das Haus meiner Träume,
2011, sculpture with text, mixed materials, 208 x 106 x 98 cm