The Connexion

The Connexion deals with privacy and with the individual. It reveals the relationship between the visible and the invisible. Loneliness in the city: The unending high-wire act poised between the individual and the collective requires precise deliberation. – One chooses a small, straightforward social entity: An habitation, a tower block without an outside door. A spherical calotte with seventeen tower blocks. Electrical cables, telephone wires, and clotheslines connect the buildings among one another. On the rooftops there are gardens, satellite dishes, a basketball court, a shooting range, with the targets on top of the adjacent building. Weeds cover the grounds on which no one ever sets foot. But if one looks beneath those doorless towers, shielded from everything that is Different, one sees the interconnect of the subterranean lines which open into a complex knot and finally into a nerve, a vessel. And in the end, the whole dangles off a thread, off something Different.

Der Zusammenhang,
2009, sculpture, mixed materials, height ca 110 cm Ø 40 cm