Ferdinand Schmatz, 2009

Judith Saupper’s artwork is created above all for the observer, with whom she communicates through the act of perception itself, and not through that which has been perceived. And in and of themselves, these artifacts represent more than just simple models of that which they are modeling – houses, rooms, apartments, stories, all these levels are miniaturized. But the model is also a model of the imagination deep within the artist and within ourselves, telling us about the world by showing, so-to-speak, the story of the Odyssey as well as of prefab concrete buildings. The fact that amedium such as painting rushes in to join that of writing and photography, all coming together to create a sculpture / model, is coherent with the artistic path that Judith Saupper traces and sketches for us. Physical humans seem absent, yet return to the world of Saupper’s sculptures and paintings and photos and text collages and revealingly succinct titles and find themselves anew as the subject of perception and awareness.