Interlaced Spaces

Interlaced Spaces is a multi-part installation which attempts to approximate perceiving space and experiencing the City.

Gilles Deleuze’s concept of a ‚espace lisse‘, of smooth space, serves as the key: smooth space is open, and it has but one dimension- the one corresponding to the nomad wandering it. The resulting ever-changing displacements in turn enable the realization of hitherto immanent relations.

Interlaced Spaces represents a space with multiple vanishing points, but the visitor is not expected to experience categories such as Up and Down, Front and Back, Inside and Outside, or even the concept of homogeneous surface. Instead, the goal is to create a zone of Betweenness- transitions, twists, intermediate states and displacements. Just as in the actual perception of the City, interstices are laid bare, the openness of an inconceivable space is exhibited as a form of suspension of synchrony. Under this aspect, the city is a collection of locations layered on top of each other, of places containing and simultaneously obscuring a multitude of spaces: spaces which are present at all times and yet evade our awareness, our perception and our comprehension.

Interlaced Spaces
2017, installation, mixed materials, approx. 300 x 300 x 450cm